Epiphany – Video Art Installation

Full production of audiovisual art installation by photographer and video artist Maria Mitzali at the lobby of the Periscope Hotel in Kolonaki area of Athens. 2monochannels worked with the artist to produce the displayed video content, design the installation and implement it in the space.  

Chios Mastic Museum

Audiovisual systems design, content production and creation for the Mastic Museum of Chios. – Video installation in which people’s movement trigger an immense projected video animation. The projection is 12m wide and 2m high. The aim was the visitor to be able to comprehend the vast history of mastic in a few minutes. – Production […]

The 7 Keys – Interactive Games

«The 7 Keys» is a project consisted from 7 interactive games for children in order for them to learn the cultural heritage of Greece in a pleasant way. Each game refers to a museum constructed by the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation and it is placed in the Eugene Planetarium of Athens. 2monochannels used motion […]

Public Book Awards 2015 – Projection Mapping

Projection Mapping for the «Public Stores Book Awards» event that took place at «The Athens Concert Hall».

Blender Gallery – Pixi

Testing the permanent projection mapping installation at PIXI club during Blender Gallery’s party. The outcome of this installation concretized our confidence that this would work well for the club.

City Link Xmas 13-16

Temporary architectural lighting design on the CityLink building at Syntagma Square in Athens. The lighting installation has been active during the Xmas holiday season since 2013.

Pixi – Projection Mapping Installation

As part of the PIXI club renovation during summer 2014, 2monochannels designed 8 massive geometrical statues, which Leon Vitas built with precision. Using 8 projectors respectively, the statues are mapped with 2D, 3D and audio reactive graphics, creating a permanent installation that fills the space with light, colors and geometrical shapes, while PIXI’s DJs do […]

Ermis Awards – Projection Mapping

ERMIS AWARDS is an annual event held to honour the best advertising and communication companies in Greece. 2monochannels did the opening of the awards with a video mapping show. Videos were mapped on sharp surfaces on stage while synchronised video was reproduced on the background screen.

OTE / Projection Mapping

3D mapping on OTE (telecommunications company in Grecce) sales congress. The projection mapping launched the event.

3E / 3D Mapping

3D mapping on a custom shaped sculpture designed by 2monochannels and made by LEON VITAS. The projection launched the company’s sales congress.

Absolut Vodka – «Unique» Bottle Installation

Absolut Vodka recently launched a new bottle design called «Unique» after the random graphics printed on each bottle. As guests where passing through the installation, kinect cameras where tracking the human body and a custom made dmx controller was lighting a unique bottle at a time producing also sound according to body movement.

Shadow Atonement Art Installation

Full production of audiovisual art installation by photographer and video artist Maria Mitzali at the Baths of Paradise (aka Bey Hamam) in the centre of Thessaloniki. This is a good example of an art installation designed specifically for the architectural context in which it is presented, with the space geometry, acoustics and the resulting mood […]

2monochannels/Theopsy/Stigma Lab

2monochannels video mapping installation on a painting we made in 3d. The painting is from the artist «Theopsy» during his exhibition at Stigma Lab Art Gallery on March 2012.

City Link – Xmas Architectural Lighting

Shortly after completion of the Estée Lauder campaign project, the Athens City Link asked us to come up with a similar lighting scheme, but this time to mark the upcoming 2012 – 2013 Xmas holiday season. No problem.  

Plissken Festival 2012

Stage design and video projection mapping for the 2012 Plissken Music Festival. Great groups, great festival. See you again next year.   Special thanx to Dimitris Stamatakis (specialized constructions) and Alexis Kanakis (video production)   Music: Cut Copy – Take Me Over (Mylo remix)    

HOL Cloud – Projection Mapping

  Video projection mapping during an event by Hellas-On-Line, a Greek telecommunications service provider introducing its cloud service. The event took place at the small stage of Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall. Audio track: Star Slinger – May I Walk With You?

City Link – Architectural Lighting for Estée Lauder’s breast cancer campaign

After Estée Lauder selected the City Link as the building in Athens to be used for marking their campaign for creating awareness on women’s breast cancer, our team was commissioned with the task of providing the building with a pale magenta hue, in line with Estée Lauder’s intervention on architecturally exceptional buildings in major cities […]

Nova – Greek Football Awards

Greek Football Awards from 2monochannels on Vimeo. Greek Football – Superleague Awards, Nova – Forthnet 3D mapping for an event held in Athens in order to honor the best football players of the year 2011-2012. Canvas: 17m * 5,5m Music: Flume – Sleepless Ft. Anthony For Cleopatra


3D Mapping on a replica model. Original sculpture (6m * 3m). Postponed project for Film Academy Awards – Greece. Video editing: Blicker films Audio track: Mathias Kaden

New Years Eve 2012

2monochannels visual installation on new years eve party at Intercontinental Hotel. Athens – 2012.

Plissken Festival 2010

The Plissken music festival took place in December 2010 in Athens, Greece, with some of the best reviewed bands of the year invited to perform on stage. 2monochannels were responsible for developing the stage design concept for the show, as well as producing the projected visuals in collaboration with Blicker Films.

Tirane University – Projection Mapping

2monochannels facade projection at the university of Tirane. The event was held following speech by prime minister Sali Berisha in celebration of visa-free traveling for Albanians to Europe, while at the same time Albania was denied entry in the EU. 2monochannels worked with director Memi Koupa and were responsible for production and treatment of received […]

Nike – Virtual Graffiti

Nike event in the center of Athens. Participants made use of a virtual spray device in order to apply their own graffiti aesthetic on virtual Nike shoes.

The HUB – Projection Mapping

Facade projection mapping at the newly renovated building of The Hub (ex Palco factory) in the center of Athens, marking its opening day on Oct 1st 2010. 2monochannels are entirely responsible for producing the audiovisual content as well as for the mapping projection on the curved facade of the building, which spanned two perpendicular streets.

Epigraphical Museum of Athens

Video installation by 2monochannels at the Epigraphical Museum on Tositsa street in Athens, using interactive and mapping techniques.

Interactive Applications

Applications based on projected themes, frequently triggered by human gestures.

Venice Biennale 2008 – Greek Pavilion

Interactive audiovisual systems and acoustic design for the Greek Pavilion in the 11th International Architecture Exhibition of Venice (2008). The project involved engineering and implementing a system in the space, where people’s movements controlled lighting behind an abstract, vertical map of Athens and simultaneously triggered audio and video content captured in corresponding locations in the […]

Era (National Radio Of Greece) 70 Years – Zappeio Exhibition

Interactive design and implementation of audiovisual installation, presented as part of festival celebrating 70 years of Greek national radio broadcast at Zappeio Megaro in the center of Athens, Greece (2008). The project consisted of a 16-sided panel, sawtooth-shaped in plan, displaying backlit LP covers of historical music recordings. Visitors could randomly select tracks through a […]

The Tsalapata Rooftile and Brickworks Museum

Full production of short documentary film on the Tsalapata Rooftile and Brickworks museum, housed at present in what used to be the Tsalapata Ceramics Factory in Volos, Greece, for the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation. The documentary presents the experiences and recollections of the factory’s employees, through interviews and personal testimonies.

Sound Design for ECO

Music and sound design for 3D animation short film ‘eco’, focusing on an idea about how memory contextualizes presence. Eco was presented at the onedotzero, Bitfilm and 25fps film festivals in 2004 and 2005.